A busy start to 2013…

So, I see that I’ve done Sweet Fanny Adams on here since September of last year, which is poor. Very poor.

My bad, I will get my finger out and try to be a little more regular (figs aside) – if only so that my grandchildren will be able to see all the crazy schtick their granny got up to in the good ol’ days before, y’know, hover cars or whatever.

There is so much catching up to do that I will do it slowly, one thing at a time, one thing a day. First off:

Jolien, Thalia and I got some funding to set up our wee venture Meet and Two Veg (I done a pun!). We plan to do cooking and eating sessions with the local community, more ‘flash meals’, collect stories, take pictures and maybe (organisational skills, suppliers and venues permitting) supper clubs with a less exclusive feel. But there will be no sleeping – we don’t have time for that.

It’s early days, we’re still battling the setting up a bank account bureaucracy nightmare and our desk/office space looks like this (we love Pellicci’s):

All the essentials for breakfast…
















but we’re making progress and have our next ‘flash-meal’ on the cards…

Watch this space.




2 thoughts on “A busy start to 2013…

  1. Hello lovely,

    Ooo you got the funding then, that’s ace! Well chuffed for you. Looking forward to meeting up again at some point in the very near future to hear all about it. And for continued plotting of our collaboration.


  2. Hello!

    Yaaaar, we did! Got to work out what to do with it now! Plenty of opportunity for more plotting and scheming, just let me know when you’re aboot and we’ll make some plannage….x

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