A new worry

So… Under my arms is sore. It looks a bit red, it’s uncomfortable. It’s not a shaving rash – I don’t shave, I have a full feminist 70’s do under there because I have sensitive lymph nodes and when I shave they swell up and I look like I have a collection of new heads growing. Not pretty. I changed my soap to an all natural, brown, olive oil based, smells like compost soap event and still, the problem persists. I changed my deodorant to an all natural, with added hops and zero success rate deodorant and still, under my arms is red. I have come to the conclusion that either I move my arms around too much, creating rubbing and thus discomfort, or I have fat armpits. Yes, fat armpits. Clearly, the pressure under there is too great and causing some kind of ongoing friction burn. I don’t know how to tone my armpits. I’m going to have to walk around with my arms in the air all the time and with the new deodorant it’ll be a double public embarrassment whammy.

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