Hello! Welcome to my website – I hope you find it homely and inviting.

I am performer/writer/life model/gardening/extravaganza of multiple interests living in Ramsgate on the coast of Kent. I do storytelling with Scandalmongers and the Thanet Coast Project, life modelling with Kent Adult Education and gardening with the Windmill Community Allotment Project in Margate. I used to work with the Soil Association and the NHS and am passionate and excitable about food, the environment, people, community and the creative arts.

The Biscuit Chronicles has been a great chance to bring together a whole host of my most favourite things and I’m looking for funding and interested people to join in with food and growing based community projects. I’d also love to find a person or company to collaborate with on a more physical piece. In the long run I would like to use The Biscuit Chronicles in a health in arts context and already have the wheels turning in that direction… All suggestions and advice gratefully received!

Short term goals

Digging the garden (really digging, not just poking with a spade)

Getting up on time

Getting funding for the Biscuit Chroniclesk

Rescuing my bike from Inverness and hoping to fix it with love and spanners

Having an exhibition (this will necessitate DOING SOME DRAWING which is great)

Long term goals

Doing the Soil Association apprenticeship or Anthropology of Food at SOAS

Or a Horticulture NVQ level 1 and 2

Doing a show at the Edinburgh Fringe and getting rave reviews

Does this give you an idea about me? Surprise! They’re all lies! Naaa… tis true really.