To celebrate the fact that yesterday I turned 29 (and the DOEVERYTHINGBEFOREYOU’RE30! panic really set in) we had some friends over for the odd glass of wine, stories about poo and falling over the folding chairs. It was great. I really begin to feel that I have proper friends here, who drop in for tea and don’t mind if I do the same and bring me flowers wrapped in Christmas newspaper (Charlotte, I think you’re the business). I like to have a few things to eat on the table as:

a) it’s something to do for all those pregnant friends who’ve had their sly can of low alcohol French beer and don’t want to have alcopop babies

b) I have to have something to eat or I get smashed so quickly I’m singing flower of Scotland to the wardrobe before everyone has even arrived.

We bought some of those suspect looking Indian snacks in Tesco (I’m not a snack food snob – I love spicy shit in a plastic box as much as the next person) and the obligatory posh crisps (see picture). As it turned out, the Indian snacks didn’t happened before I got too drunk to work the oven so we’ll have them for tea today.

However, we did have some amazing trifle made by Neil (see big empty bowl) including home made madeira cake, tomato and mozarella salad (it’s the good shit), Jane’s chocolate dip and chocolate brownies.

I’d just like to draw your attention to this dish:

which turned out to be a surprise moment of inspiration. Having bought a mango and not wanting to just have mango on it’s own and thinking, shit, not enough things to dip things into (go go gadget innuendo!) I concocted a mango-based salsa and woohoo, it was tasty! Sweet, spicy and a bit zingy – good with most stuff and good for distracting attention when the poo stories come round again

One mango

Two tomatoes

2 inch chunk of cucumber

Half a red onion

Handful of coriander

One red chilli

Juice of one lime

Olive oil

Basically just chop everything up as small as your ham fists can manage, chuck in a bowl together and mix up. I added a bit of the dressing left over from the other salad. Tastiness.

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