Au revoir Ullapool…

I am leaving Ullapool, for a while…

So long to washing being blown into the loch, kami-kaze chickens and late night singing and drinking on the lochside, I am off down South but I’ll be back soon.

SOAS and the Anthropology of Food MA beckons and I am hella excited although I know I’ll be cursing when the essay deadlines come a-calling. My rusty presentation skills will have to be unearthed, not to mention my living-with-my-mother skills although this time, Lord help me, I will be sharing a room with her. Yes. A ROOM. Thank goodness for small mercies that I get my own bed.

It’s been a year of extremes, of highs and lows – sunny days in the hills followed by barbecues and the sound of friends round the fire in the evening, shitty weather blowing my poorly presented merchandise off the stall and scraping fours hours’ worth of chutney making OFF THE BASTARD FLOOR. Damn you dangly sleeves. I won’t miss the midges, I will miss the laid-back, whiskey-swilling, hard-working, stoicism of the Ullapudlians, the hills, the music nights, the crazy neighbours, the market camraderie… oh hell… I don’t wanna go awaaaaaay!

Also, I will miss Neil. After the initial threat to chuck me if I left for London for a year, he has slightly come round to the idea but is by no means happy about it.

It just better be worth it.

Ach, I’m sure it will be. Roll on enrollment.

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