Beyond Chocolate

Beyond Chocolate are a wee company run by two splendid lovely ladies who are out to bash diets once and for all and help women regain a normal and nourishing relationship with food. Not only are they entertaining and disarmingly funny, they really do have a sensible approach to food that anyone can take on and stop waking up every day thinking ‘TODAY things will be different and I will be GOOD’ shortly before eating four chocolate croissants.

They have a book

and a website with e-courses and CDs and Lord only knows what other high-tech shenanigans to help you sort out your food brain

I can’t recommend them enough – go and check them out, look, read, absorb the mind altering goodness and look at a jar of Maltesers without fear!

Here is a little clip for you to see and make up your own mind…

Once bitten, forever smitten by Sophie and Audrey 🙂

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