Breakfast Dilemma

This is what I had for breakfast…
Unless I’m feeling extravagant (or eggstravant, oh dear, oh ha ha, do stop now) and like a cooked breakfast, I find breakfast a very difficult meal to deal with. I’ve been through my muesli phase and, frankly, I’m so over that now. So over any things in bowls with milk, even soya milk – over muesli, over cereal, even over porridge, although I’m more likely to go back to that than any of that cold shit. I do like homemade bread toast but I’m so crap at getting my arse in gear it’s more likely that I won’t have an home made bread and even then, just with jam or marmite or whatever just doesn’t hit the spot. I do like poached eggs but not every day. Pop Tarts are never going to happen. Ever. I had one once and a) it was nasty and b) I so badly burned my mouth on that sonofabitch hot icing that I looked like I’d grown an extra lip.
So, I’m having a morning quandry.
I find that I do like savoury things for breakfast and I’m a total sucker for leftovers for breakfast – cold pizza in the morning? That’ll be me. But this is generally frowned upon and I get the genral impression that curry for breakfast is not cool. Kegeree is A-mazing if you’ve got left over pilau rice and smoked haddock (as you do), but even for me that’s a rare occasion.
There may a little internal conflict going on here too. I know breakfast is a meal, but the general rule seems to be that it’s not a proper, full on, eat loads unless you’re having a blow out hangover-destroying fry-up which is not idealĀ  as an everyday occurence – and there’s only one course unless you’re in the RItz or whatever. But I’m hungry in the mornings and usually cycling to somewhere so I need fuel. Especially after all that sleeping – it’s tiring. They (who?) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it’s probably the one that’s skipped the most and I do find that if I skip breakfast I can make it through to lunch but that, if I have breakfast, I’ll be starving at 11am.
Honestly, it causes me some concern. I half wish I was back in Thailand where some kind of spicy rice soup was the breakfast of choice – ticks all my boxes.

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