The Biscuit Chronicles Goes to Birmingham

I’ve handed my dissertation in!

Just had to share that… (very, very proud)

Now that’s out of the way, it’s full steam ahead with the next version of The Biscuit Chronicles. Having been working with some of the lovely, super-brainy folks up at Brum University who are thinking up ever more ingenious ways to look at, understand and perhaps address the issue of obesity, I am mid-rehearsals for smooshing together (technical term) cutting edge research, personal experience and the inevitable ‘science demonstrations’ that I just can’t resist doing (anybody with a spare lab coat and/or safety goggles please let me know).

It’s in a lovely space at the mac theatre and it’s part of a huge city-wide day of food-related events that anybody, really ANYONE who is anywhere near Brum should totally go to – curry cooking competitions, dancing, science, all kinds of weird and wonderful marvellousness made better by its free-ness and about food-ness.

The all important day is 28th September and it will be cracking – check the website for all the info and hope to see you there…. Just to tempt you, some comedy goods from a publicity photo-shoot for the event (big thank you to the talent that is Penny Dixie for her brilliant photos


belly belly belly belly!


Love-handle lovin’

The Biscuit Chronicles goes interactive

Last month I was lucky enough to have the ever adorable Perry Walker (who even brings his own home made flapjacks) to help and teach me to facilitate a new format for the Biscuit Chronicles. Interspersing the monologues with discussion, the audience are invited to look at some of the topics that are raised by the performance and draw out some of the questions that we could or should be asking.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was terrified. I felt a bit out of practice and it was all a bit experimental and potentially disastrous. However, Perry was very helpful and supportive and, even though the first event only had three attendees, the next one had more than ten! Any worries about people not being interested or not having anything to say swiftly went out of the window. After an introduction about the project, I was met with a lukewarm response so I just went into the first monologue – when I was done, I replaced my (metaphorical) facilitator and gave them five minutes to discuss. When I brought them all back together the floodgates opened! I was blown away by the open and astute suggestions that people made – it brought in elements I had never considered and got people discussing everything from gender to identity to where our values come from. It was a massive and inspiring buzz!

It seems that inviting people to add their own ideas and opinions really gets people thinking – for me, it really helps to have more than one brain on the problem of body image and how we negotiate a healthier approach to weight, dieting and self-esteem because it’s a problem that needs multiple brains. Thank you ever so much to all my lovely attendees and especially to Perry – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Now to find some funding and really get the ball rolling…

Biscuits, Dieting and the New Economics Foundation

And next week it’s aaaaaall about the dieting and the biscuits!
The Biscuit Chronicles
Got something to say about cake? About the dieting industry? About the obesity epidemic? Amy Godfrey has always been a little bit fat and she does have something to say about it (after she’s eaten this trifle). The Biscuit Chronicles is a short one woman show exploring some of the debates around the issue of weight, health and obesity and in partnership with Perry Walker from the New Economics Foundation, is exploring new ways to shape the discussion. To join in the debate (for free!) with a healthy dose of comic timing and free biscuits, contact Amy at for more information or to book a place.
The event will be taking place on the SOAS campus at 6pm:
Tuesday 12th June in Room B111
Wednesday 13th June in Room L67
Thursday14th June in Room B111

Meat and Two Veg

So, the initial up-all-night, bloodshot eyeballs-sellotaped-to-computer-screen of coursework essay writing is all out of the way and we’re back to the old looking out of the window whilst holding a book variety of revising that I specialise in.

However, there was a brief ray of welcome sunshine in the form of the adorable and inspirational Jolien Benjamin who is a fellow anthropology of food student.

She’s studying a module on space and place and I was delighted when she asked me to join in with helping her complete her non-text part of the course. She was looking at how people ate on the tube, the notion of snacking and food on the go, eating in public – all interesting stuff. On the day, less than a week before my essay deadlines, I did think ‘Is this a good idea? Spending half a day doing something fun and creative when I should be writing something informative about lots of dead white anthropologist men?’. I had a dither, weighed up my options and plumped with the creative option, figuring that the anthropologists could stick it for one more day.

It seems to me that I’ll look back on that and think ‘That was a day I made a good decision’. Honestly, I was on a high when we came back and when I saw the finished result I felt like I saw myself again – the seat of the pants, just be intuitive and responsive and it’ll all work out me who I’ve missed while I’ve head my head in a dusty tome. It felt good. Here’s the finished piece and watch this space – Jolien and I have plans for a take two.