Coming soon…

Now I have worked out how to get pictures from my phone onto my computer I am going properly start my blog 🙂 I’ll have to start restrospectively but, hell, I’ve got to start somewhere.

Just to kick off, here is a post from today.

THE FIRST EGG! (the chickens definitely came first)

Perfect speckled egg from our most favourite chickens

And also the first snow… The winter is setting in – time for hot puddings 🙂

We’ve got eighteen chickens so when they’re all on the lay (soon soon their wee combs will all be radiantly red) we’ll have more eggs then we’ll know what to do with so all egg-based recipes (am I brave enough to try Thai preserved eggs?) gratefully received.

The first egg mayonnaise roll was SO good. Poor chickens, all that effort to lay one egg and we’ve just yammed it.

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