Edinburgh Erotica


Well now.

That’s my Edinburgh cherry well and truly popped with my first ever performance as part of the festival. As a last minute replacement for Deadbeat Poet I found myself (or rather Ms Beeton found herself) mucking in with the wonderful Someone’s Mum and Jay Walker as an honorary part of the LGBT line-up without needing to be L, G, B or T (although I am reliably informed that one need only be Queer in the broadest sense to be able to be in the gang). We had veritable spoken word orgy, flinging raw eggs (literally), feminist ranting and managing to produce an edible cake at the end of every performance except the first.

It was a hard act to follow Jay Walker’s erotic lesbian poems but with help from my most illustrious academic friends (I’ll name no names) I came up with a suitably lewd script and managed to curl a few toes, not to mention smother myself in icing and ping out of my suspenders more than once.

I had a brilliant time and even managed to see some other shows and mount Arthur’s Seat – I’ll definitely try to come back next year. Thank you to everyone who came – even our enormous audience of two on the last day made all the difference (and gamely took home the spare cake). As Eliot says, it’s not the size of your audience, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Will keep you updated with any reviews…

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