Feeding the 5K



I missed this. It was an event in Trafalgar Square in December last year that highlighted the incredible amount of food wasted in the UK that looked hella good. Wish I’d been there. 5000 tonnes of fesh produce considered too cosmetically ‘imperfect’ for supermarkets was donated by producers, markets and packers and fed to 5000 happy by-passers for free.

Fun (shocking) food waste facts

4,600 calories of food are harvested for each person on the planet every day. Of this, 2000 calories are eaten. More than half is lost along the way.

The bread and cereal products thrown away by UK households alone would be enough to lift 30 million of the world’s hungry people out of malnourishment.

I can’t write anymore. It’s too shocking. I’m going to eat the mouldy pitta bread I have in the fridge.

More events like this, methinks, would be a good thing. Or we should all start raiding supermarket bins/buying direct from producers/kicking up shit about our apples being too perfect. Hell, Joni Mitchell was singing about this shit ages ago.

Also good is the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign. Not exactly militant but doing a good job.


Go make soup from the skanky veg in your fridge.

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