Happy New Year (one day late)

Due to unforeseen children fighting over the internet I wasn’t able to post on day one of my blog so I am already one day behind….

The 2010 plan to keep a blog never worked out. Ditto 2009 and 2008. Three year’s warm up seems just about enough so maybe 2011 will be the year that it finally pans out. If not, I’ll give up and resolve, in 2012, to stop pulling the hairs out my chin instead.

Inspired by Bridget Jones and many a diet book I am going to try to keep track of everything I eat, day by day. Very dull, yes, but informative for me and seemingly the first step to really grasping the underlying reasons for over eating. We’ll see. Perhaps it might be good to also publish what a normal fat person really eats, just to see. Just to see that I don’t just eat cake and cheese. I eat ice cream sometimes too. Also, I confess, maybe it will embarrass me into eating less?

I will also include:

Points of interest from diet books

Interesting fat/food items I see in the press of elsewhere

Recipes and food experiments

Pictures of things including my laundry hanging on the line, just because I like it


01.01.2011 (or 1.1.11 for those who like it that way)

One chocolate coin – a large 2p (start as you mean to go on)

Bacon sandwich (with tomato and mayonnaise on seeded bread)

4 pieces of homemade shortbread originally intended for my aunt as a Christmas present (sorry Patty)

Two big handfuls of fancy vegetable crisps

Small slice of Rhona’s homemade truffle

1 very small glass white wine (a dreg really)

2 vodka and elderberry spritzer things

Another piece of shortbread

Some tinned mackerel in nasty white wine marinade (the rest was rinsed, mixed with cream and added to the quiche)

Some uncounted number of spoonfuls of corned beef hash with appropriate ‘eating dog food’ face

One satsuma

Quarter of a leek, goats’ cheese and mackerel quiche (bastardised from Delia’s leek and goats’ cheese quiche recipe)

Half a bottle of Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer (mixing like a crazy woman tonight)

Piece of chocolate marble cake and Greek yoghurt.

Am sure I missed some things out – some squash maybe and cups of tea.

Doesn’t seem to be as much as I was expecting, clearly I have a twisted idea of what is a ‘normal’ amount to eat.

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