Illustrated BMI Categories

This is an interesting flickr site to help you really visualise what it means to be ‘underweight’, ‘normal’, ‘overweight’, ‘obese’ or ‘morbidly obese’.

Here is a picture of me (just three pounds or so short of obese) at about 5’8 and about 14 stone.

(Ok, I confess, I just wanted to post a picture of my NEW APRON! I’ve never put a great deal of thought into my kitchen-wear but this THIS makes me feel happy inside and stops me making all my clothes look like the pigs have farrowed on them or made dumplings on them. Thank you Jane 🙂 and anybody who says horizontal stripes make you look fat can eat the flapjack scraps off my stripey-clad fat ass [if I put the apron on backwards])

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