Killer Combo – Guardian Article

There was an article in the Guardian this Saturday…

It was discussing the use of sugar, salt and fat in food to create this irresistable taste combination that produces dopamine that motivates behaviour and makes you want to eat more. It’s a good argument as to why the Western world is getting so much fatter so quickly. Food is super available, all the time, and manufactured in such a way as to be hitting your ‘bliss point’ every time and stimulating the desire to eat more.

As the author says….

‘It┬átakes serious restraint to resist an almost overpowering urge to eat. Yet many, including doctors and healthcare professionals, still think that weight gainers merely lack willpower, or perhaps self-esteem. Few have recognised the distinctive pattern of overeating that has become widespread in the population. No one has seen loss of control as its most defining characteristic.’

He rounds up by suggesting that the way we can control our uncontrollable desire to eat by identifying and diminshing the powers that drive overeating by making restaurants include calorie counts on their menus, clear labelling and controlling food marketing. So perhaps the answer to the increase in overeating is not balling out the overeaters for lacking self-control and will power?

The authour of the article has also (surprise, surprise) written a book called The End of Overeating. A few key pointers include ‘Plan When and What You’ll Eat’, ‘Practise Portion Control’ and ‘List the Foods and Situations That You Can’t Control and then avoid them (if someone offers you something you overeat, push it away’. What if you overeat ‘food’? This sounds like a job for self-control and will power to me.

Did I miss something there?

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