Kirstie Alley – doing it her way

Kirstie Alley, much maligned, much up and down in the weight department, may not always be her own best friend but it has been brought to my attention that she has been on Dancing with the Stars. Naturally, from the minute she stepped up, there has been the predictable blah about her yo-yo dieting and oh-wouldn’t-she-be-great-if-she-only-lost-a-few-pounds for which I recommend this blog for a good overview.

Bit first and foremost, can I just say, take a look at her cha-cha video. She’s sixty – at any size, holy shit, this woman is amazing.


To top it all off, she gets compared to a pig by George Lopez in some jokes that he later admits were ‘misjudged’. It’s a shame that she can’t escape her link to fatness and a weight and dieting obsession that is so profound it seems to eclipse everything she does; it’s strange to think that the rapturous applause she received may be because the audience were so bowled over that someone SO fat and SO old could cook up such a storm on the dance floor (like once you hit size sixteen or the big 60 you become a bedridden ironing board, only moments from complete rigor mortis). All power the elbow of the woman who has become a by-word for failed dieting and can still pull off hoisting her boob with such aplomb, George Lopez may you rue the day you criticised such a superb performance in a poorly judged and lazy dig at the usual suspect. Go home and watch Cheers to learn the meaning of comic timing, shit-for-brains. Suffice to say, go go Kirstie Allen, keep tearing it up in your sequin dresses and may it be a boon for you and let’s hope it makes space on the dance floor for the over sixties and all the people who need a bit more room to shake their thang.

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