Meat and Two Veg

So, the initial up-all-night, bloodshot eyeballs-sellotaped-to-computer-screen of coursework essay writing is all out of the way and we’re back to the old looking out of the window whilst holding a book variety of revising that I specialise in.

However, there was a brief ray of welcome sunshine in the form of the adorable and inspirational Jolien Benjamin who is a fellow anthropology of food student.

She’s studying a module on space and place and I was delighted when she asked me to join in with helping her complete her non-text part of the course. She was looking at how people ate on the tube, the notion of snacking and food on the go, eating in public – all interesting stuff. On the day, less than a week before my essay deadlines, I did think ‘Is this a good idea? Spending half a day doing something fun and creative when I should be writing something informative about lots of dead white anthropologist men?’. I had a dither, weighed up my options and plumped with the creative option, figuring that the anthropologists could stick it for one more day.

It seems to me that I’ll look back on that and think ‘That was a day I made a good decision’. Honestly, I was on a high when we came back and when I saw the finished result I felt like I saw myself again – the seat of the pants, just be intuitive and responsive and it’ll all work out me who I’ve missed while I’ve head my head in a dusty tome. It felt good. Here’s the finished piece and watch this space – Jolien and I have plans for a take two.