Mr Perry Walker

When I was very briefly back in London for the wedding of the splendid and wonderful Shani Erez, I also wangled myself a meeting with Mr Perry Walker, erstwhile head of public participation and democracy at the New Economics Foundation. And really, he was just top notch.

I wanted him to help me find a way to engage the public in a discussion about the topics included in the show after they had seen a version of the Biscuit Chronicles. It all sounds a bit unlikely, but he was up for it. He drew me little diagrams and introduced me to the likes of image theatre and sociometrics (like, you, group of people, arrange yourself in a line running from oldest to youngest. Well done. Now arrange yourself according to how self-confident you feel… etc). We drank tea at the bfi cafe and I got so overexcited I knocked tea all over the table twice.

The funding is still a long way away but I feel like I’ve got an ally and might be one step closer to laying my hands on it…

Meanwhile, here is a link to the NEF who are super-brilliant and we should all aspire to a 21 one day week, no?


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