New Show! Human Enhancement and the New Economics Foundation

So this week I have two new shows (of which I have finished writing… neither!) and next week I am rearranging the Biscuit Chronicles into a speak-out of sorts, giving people the opportunity to thrash out some of the issues around dieting with some help from the lovely Perry Walker from the New Economics Foundation.

This week it’ll be Human Enhancement…

Take the opportunity to be involved in the development of a new form of research!

Ethics? What ethics? The Human Enhancement Debate
Curious? Opinionated? Interested?
Come and be part of the creation of a new tool for discussion, facilitated by Perry Walker from the New Economics Foundation, to explore the topic of human enhancement. From wearing glasses to performance-enhancing surgery, how much transformation is too much? Does seeing infra-red make us better people or does it tamper with our basic humanity? What does it mean for individuals, for society, for the future?
The event starts at 6pm on Friday 8th June in Room B111 at the Brunei Gallery but places are limited so please contact Amy on for more information or to book a free place at the event.
And next week it’s biscuits all the way…

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