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biscuit poster for Margate
I have just transferred the old Biscuit Chronicles page to this post so I can make the new BC page into a shiny advert for anyone who might like to book the shoooow for the Autumn and Spring next year. I decided not to delete it in the name of posterity….

The Margate and Brighton runs of the show have now finished but please read on to see how they went. Brighton reviews are on the blog page.. Thank you to all who came and everyone who helped along the way!

The Biscuit Chronicles is an exploration of food, fat and disordered eating from a personal perspective, with cling film, red lipstick and a wobbly bits aplenty.  And I will be performing it live (LIVE!) and solo (SOLO!) in Margate in March (this month!) and at the Brighton Festival Fringe in May.

Ditch the diet and indulge in high calorie humour as Amy Godfrey bares teeth and thighs in a racy, raucous, one woman show. Through her crew of characters, she unwraps the fat, devouring everything you thought you knew in a protest and celebration of a big girl in a small world…

Did you like the alliteration? Many thanks to Viv Croot for helping me with the words.

Now you can watch a wee fillum that me and me mam made on youtube. When I’ve set up my own youtube account (or Vimeo because apparently it’s well coolerer and communty led) I will embed it here. For the meantime try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmSP4zZT8hE

The Biscuit Chronicles at The Tom Thumb Theatre, Eastern Esplanade, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent CT9 2LB

The first outing of the work in progress of The Biscuit Chronicles is happening later this month (aargh!) in sunny Margate on the Kent coast. It will be fun and raucous and I hope many people will find something in it to relate to or shout about or talk about. Stimulating debate is good. Stimulating saliva is also good so there will be free biscuits. Hurrah!

25, 26, 27th March 2010 at 7.30pm

info@tomthumbtheatre.co.uk or telephone 01843 221 791

Tickets £7/£5 but this includes a drink and biscuit for everyone who would like to stay for an informal discussion after the show. I want FEEDBACK and am willing to bribe people with drinks to get it – am also interested in what people have to say about the subject of fat/food/body image/eating/media etc etc.

Thank you Philippa Cooper for the photo – >

The first run and the Tom Thumb went well with a grand total of 10 (!) people on both Thursday and Friday but we bumped it up to nearly a full house on the last night! It was great to chat with everyone afterwards and hear what people had to say about the show, about the issues and about their own muffin tops. Thank you to every one who came.

I also got some really encouraging feedback with people describing the show as…

‘utterly mesmerising’ (how good is that?)

‘great fun’

‘Fantastic! Amusing, clever, funny and informative’

The Biscuit Chronicles at Western Front, 11 Cranbourne Street, Brighton BN1 2RD.

TBC is also heading to The Brighton Festival Fringe!

There will be more free biscuits, laughs, cling film and the like on the Sussex coast to boot. The festival looks to be grand fun so go anyway but do come to the Bisc Chrons if you can. Fanks!

2,3,4,5th May and 9,10,11,12th May 2010 (that’s Sunday to Wednesday twice) at 8.30pm

01273 725 656 or check

out the festival website at www.brightonfestivalfringe.org.uk.

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