Recipe Book Recipe Testing Day #1


SO the sun was out and there was a stiff breeze in the air when the intrepid recipe testers of the SOAS

Charring peppers for chakchouka

cookery book society met in Manor House for the first time.

Laden with huge amounts of shopping (7kg of potatoes!), the lovely Kat invited us all to her expansive kitchen for a cooking extravaganza, the like of which Manor House had never seen. Kat’s kitchen in Manor House, at any rate.

We were attempting to take on ten recipes, no less, including a Sri Lankan chicken recipe, two cakes and a vegan tofu pie.

Each recipe was religiously followed unless we found something that we didn’t collectively agree with in which case we tweaked a little, trying to keep notes on the increasingly greasy and floppy recipe papers.

As we went a long, the lovely volunteers from the photography society took beautifully staged shots for us, using the comedy array of ‘ethnic’ or interesting looking crockery and props we had swiped from home.

All of the recipes, save one, seemed to work well and, having bought some wine and beer to ease the somewhat demanding cooking schedule, the day was great and tasty fun, with much laughing and getting of garlic in eyes, beetroot on white t-shirts and the like. I’m looking forward to the next one!


Home made chips!Totally delicious coconut, mint and raspberry cakeChinese chicken - all gone1