Slim by Suggestion again

And I lost the slim by suggestion CD. I’m ok with that as lying on the sofa ‘in a warm and safe environment’ listening to it made me feel a) stoopid and b) slightly panicky, even in the name of research, as the ladies on the CD make me feel like I’m a crazy being talked down from a ledge. So, no loss there. It wasn’t working anyway. If I made brownies I still ate them all even after listening to a woman telling me ‘slimmer and slimmer each day, in every way, hey hey hey’ (not the last bit).

BUT the book is still interesting. I was thinking today (oh such a dangerous pastime) about people asking me if I want a biscuit. Other people sometimes say no and I always think ‘Is that true? And if it is, how do you do that?’. I can’t imagine a time a time when I wouldn’t want a biscuit. Unless I’ve eaten a whole packet and am experiencing near-puking queasiness and self-disgust, I would always ‘feel’ like a biscuit. As I mentioned before, I’m like a Pavlov dog – trained, perhaps by myself, perhaps by society to associate cake/biscuits/chocolate with ‘yes’ instant improvement no matter what the situation, so much as to always want one. To say no to a chocolate would be like saying no to an orgasm (much like any Flake advert would suggest. One day Cadbury’s will work out how to get orgasms into a packet and then they will cover them in chocolate to improve them and sell them in Sainsbury’s).

Slim by Suggestion suggests (ha!) that one of the reasons that we fail at diets is because we’ve experienced so many failed diets before and so we have a negative association with them and no experience of their success. And so Slim by Suggestion’s CD tries to implant into your brain via hilarious spoken tracks the ‘experience’ of them being successful. For me, I need to imagine and invent the ‘experience’ of saying no to a biscuit and genuinely meaning it – not just thinking ‘shit, no one else wants one, I’ve already had eleven, I’d better pretend like I don’t want another one’. Then maybe I could feel like there is another option available as, right now, not wanting a biscuit just seems pie in the sky.

I’m just going to have a brownie. They’re really good 🙂 can’t imagine ever saying no to one o these babies.

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