Something for the weekend

Having failed to by the PLUS SIZE MODELS IN GLAMOUR MAGAZINE OH MY GOD THESE WOMEN ARE SO ENORMOUS THEY HAVE BREASTS edition of Glamour (because, like, I never by Glamour – I know it fits in your handbag, but so what? A sheep would fit in my handbag and a sheep doesn’t make you feel like a fat sack o shit. Not so much) I have been interested to read some of the fallout. Alongside the people writing ‘barf’ under some of the pictures of gorgeous girls with bellies there’s been a raft of interesting writing, not least in the blogging fat-o-sphere (lookit! I am ‘in the know’!). Below are some of the pieces I got to the end of without wanting to stab myself or someone else..


Ebony Inspired blog – interesting and surprising info on plus size models in ads

The Judgement of Paris – if you’ve got the time to read aaaaaaaall about plus size models…

Two Whole Cakes – good to read for general interesting perspective on fattery and good links to other bloggers

Fat Nutritionist – does what it says on the tin and she is fabulous (a video of herself eating a Cadbury’s Creme egg AND NOTHING BAD HAPPENS! Well, why not?)


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