Streetwalking the Meet and 2 Veg way

A few weeks ago, the sun was out, the commuters were commuting and Meet and Two Veg were kicking up some breakfast fun times at Liverpool Street station. Armed with folding tables, frocks, teapots and a bundle of home made goodies we set up shop just outside the station, got the tea brewing and set about interfering with some people’s days. Our first visitors were the police, who clearly didn’t know what to do with us and wouldn’t have a muffin so in the end, they just pretended they didn’t see us.

After a slow start we had bankers, businessmen, the chap who was cleaning the station, pensioners, day trippers and even some railway staff join us for tea. ‘What are you promoting?’, they asked and we just smiled and said ‘Talking to people’. People’s smiles and willingness to join in and chat pretty much made our day – we hope we made theirs a bit more interesting too… thank you Silvio Palladino for the beautiful photos – your talents (and hairy chest) know no bounds.

IMG_1448IMG_1466 IMG_1471 IMG_1483 IMG_1538 IMG_1553 IMG_1693


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