The Big Lunch

I love this!

People don’t know their neighbours anymore, people don’t eat together anymore, lots of people live on their own, old people get neglected and lonely… It makes you wanna weep. But the Eden Project are running The Big Lunch encouraging people to get together with others on their street on July 18th 2010 for tea, cake, fun and general community love in. As they say, ‘Human Warming, Not Global Warming’.

Here’s a bit from the website….

Together we are strong

Most of us are shy, many of us lead single lives and even when we are together often go our own way. We all know about the problems in our society and don’t need to be preached at. But inside almost everyone there is a notion that, despite our differences, the ties that bind us are important.

The shared enjoyment of eating together, laughter, play, music and conversation bring us together and for all the fact that we are so fabulously different in our outlook and experience on many things, we know a simple truth – together we are strong. Wouldn’t it be great if for just one day we remind ourselves about all that is good about us and bring about a moment that ignites a spark?

It may be tricky, it may feel slightly uncomfortable to start with. It takes a bit of courage to stop being a stranger. But think of the prize – to be able to walk down the street and into the wider neighbourhood and realise how many good people there are: people who, acting together, can create a real sense of community – a word that in Latin means ‘together, in gift’.

Aaaaahhhh…… Don’t you feel inspired? I’m going to invite ma loony neighbour for a cuppa right now.