Jam jam jam

Found a bumper plum bargain at the evil supermarket so bought a job lot and went ‘ha! I laugh in the face of you corporate rape of the local economy, the world and its resources! I buy only your bargains – you will make no profit from me!’ and then bought the rest of my groceries there as there is no greengrocers, no health food shop and no bakery in Ullapool. Sigh…


However, I then made much plum jam for the first time ever. In the book it says that plums contain a lot of pectin so you have to watch carefully for a set or you’ll end up with jam you have to cut with a knife. So I espied my jam intently, peering into the frothing pan like a bird of prey on the prowl.


The net result was that I panicked and jarred my jam before it was cooked and thusly had four jars of plum and cinnamon syrup. The second batch turned out better but I’ll have to reboil the first one. Still, we live and learn.

When I left Neil with a jar of the said plum and cinnamon jam and a spoon the outcome can be seen below…
Plum and Cinnamon Jam
1kg plums (any kind will do, I used red ones)
1kg sugar
Couple of teaspoons of cinnamon to taste (you can make it without but I think plums have a great affinity with cinnamon)

Half and stone the plums, chuck in a jam pan with the sugar and spice and about 200ml water. Cook over a medium heat for 10-15 mins until the sugar is dissolved, then turn up the heat and boil the hell out of it for 3-5 mins, test for a set. If setting point is reached put it in hot jars, if not boil for another two mins then test again. Repeat ad infinitum/until boredom sets in/until you’ve used it all up testing for a set….

Eat on toast. Yum.