All things eggs

Today I have eaten:

Half an avacado.

Two pieces of toast.

Another avocado half with home made mayo and half a tomato

One cup of tea

One home made not quite cooked meringue

Probably about a pound of home made mayo as I was making it, beating the hell out of it and tasting it

Two oatcakes with stilton, tomato and you guessed it half a pound of home made mayonnaise

Half a papaya

That’s it so far

Yesterday I mostly ate home made chocolate brownie

And then we went to James and Lillith’s where we ate a massive roast – he made the chicken, Neil and I made veg and puds. Altogether we had..

Quails eggs to start with Lillith’s special sauce

Roast chicken with orange stuffing (so so very good)

Roast potatoes

Melanzane (griddled aubergine baked with tomatoe sauce and lashings of parmesan)

Creamy baked leeks

Steamed broccoli

followed by

MORE HOME MADE BROWNIE with fresh home made custard.

This week I have mostly been eating eggs

Home made mayo

2 yolks

1 tsp french mustard

1 garlic clove finely chopped

12 fl oz vegetable oil (or olive and veg oil – Neil doesn’t like olive oil much but it’s better for you, innit)

Some amount of lemon juice

Beat the mustard into the yolks. Add oil drop by drop, beating the hell out of it each time. As it starts to get thick, add the oil in a thin stream and then beat in garlic for flavour and lemon juice to thin if you’d like. Rest your poor, tired arms. Eat. With everything. Yum.


Beat 3 egg yolks with 1 cap ful of real vanilla essence and about 1 tbslspnstl of golden caster sugar. Add one pot of cream and enough full fat milk to make a pint-ish, maybe a bit less. Heat gently, whisking like a crazy woman and as it hits simmering point it should thicken enough to be more like custard and less like a pan of hot milk. Eat, with everything. Preferably share with friends. Or eat it all on your own and don’t tell anyone…


However many egg whites

2 oz caster sugar for each white.

Beat the egg whites until seriously stiff, add sugar spoonful by spoonful, beating between each one. Pile onto tray, put in oven at 100 degrees, cook for twenty minutes and then turn the oven off and leave them to dry out. Pile with whipped cream and sliced fruit (my choice was papaya this week) ring friends to come and help you devour them.