The Simple Things

A tasty bounty!

As I came home from college today, with the freezing wind stripping layers of skin off my cheeks, I stopped in the veg shop just before Newington Green and all was well with the world. It’s a fabulous shop – full of all manner vegetables, all colours and textures, beautifully arranged in a rainbow cascade of inspiration. It’s the kind of shop that makes you wish you knew how to do more exciting¬†things with vegetables and make your head buzz with the endless possibilities: Moroccan vegetables tagines, Indian spiced curries, soups, side dishes and salads a riot of colour. Today, when I got home, I was tired and desperate for food, quickly, with minimum effort and maximum taste. Lengthy and loving preparation was not the order of the day. Happily, when I opened the fridge I found I had surprise halloumi, which answered all my prayers. I cut a few slices, threw it in a hope, dry pan with a few cherry tomatoes and fried it until it was brown and smelling as saltily delicious as I knew it would taste. Meanwhile, washed rocket, half a chopped yellow pepper, olive oil, pepper and balsamic vinegar got chucked in a bowl, the hot cheese and tomatoes followed and voila, one happy Amy. Even if my cheeks were still burning from the hot/cold horror combo.

All you need is salad