The Biscuit Chronicles

The Biscuit Chronicles is going to Birmingham!

As part of a huge city-wide day of events about food, I have teamed up with some of the University of Birmingham’s brilliant brainy-folk to find out what’s new in the science of obesity – combining cutting edge bio-medical research with personal experience, comedy characters and melon jokes, you’re all invited to join me for serious questions, silly experiments and a free biscuit or three….

28th September- one matinee and one evening performance only (times to be confirmed) and it’s FREE!

mac birmingham

Cannon Hill Park


B12 9QH




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“Mixing facts, fiction, personal anecdotes and lashings of comedy that have the audience totally mesmerised or in fits of giggles, Amy Godfrey has crafted a witty, cheeky and original script that’s full of outrageous remarks, hilarious sketches and inspired songs”



Amy Godfrey has always been a little bit fat. Not fat enough to get her stomach stapled on the NHS but fat enough to get directed to the maternity section in M&S. She’s been distraught, frustrated and addicted to chocolate Hob Nobs so now she’s getting hysterical…and creative.

The Biscuit Chronicles is a bright new show that tackles the sticky-fingered question of the obesity epidemic and dieting with a spoonful of skepticism and a healthy helping of laughter. Amy Godfrey and her host of comic characters guide us through the highs and lows of life in the fat lane, drawing on personal experience and posing some provocative questions. Never far from a laugh or a sensitive subject, Amy bravely bares all in the name of realistic expectations, wielding a ukulele all the way.

Amy Godfrey – performer/writer

Having studied Drama at the University of Kent, Amy Godfrey has worked with Scandalmongers theatre company ( writing and performing family-friendly storytelling shows. Work has included an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (recommended in the Guardian Guide), a Gertrude Stein play at Shunt, London, scenes from Jane Austen novels for Kent County libraries and educational storytelling for The Thanet Coast Project in Kent.   Amy also draws from her degree in Environmental Social Science and her experience of working with the NHS and the insight into the food industry she gained in the year and a half she spent working with the Soil Association.

Amy created The Biscuit Chronicles with mentoring from Sian Stevenson – Performer, Director, Movement Director, Sian is currently working alongside Bobby Baker in the tour of ‘How to Live’.

Amy is supported by PANeK (Performing Arts Network Kent) – – which supports and develops new theatre and performance in Kent.

For a five minute trailer please see here.  NB Full Reviews are available at


“Cute, clever and with a few crumbs, this one-woman show from the endearing Amy Godfrey sparkled with originality…*****” Monica Perdoni, Latest 7

“She embodies all of her varied characters impeccably, imbuing each with an accent, stance and delivery all their own” Sophie London, Total Theatre

“****…charismatic, engaging and knows how to step fully into a range of funny and touching characters… clever, witty and well observed” Paul Levi, Editor of Fringe Review

“*****…Godfrey is a compelling performer and offers a greater insight into the issue than the show’s title might suggest … Her stage craft is beautiful.” Nione Meakin, The Argus

Recent performances…

Whitstable Horsebridge Centre,

13th November 8pm

11 Horsebridge Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AF

01227 281174


Oldham Coliseum,

25th November, 7.30pm

Cromwell Street



0161 624 2829


Booking information: booking now

Availability: Autumn 2010 and beyond

Company: 1 performer + 1 tech

Duration: 55 mins

Suitability: 15 +

Minimum space: 3m x 3m

Get in/Get out: 1 hour for each

Contact: Amy Godfrey / 07507 462629

Or PANeK 01304 239965 /

Thank you Elsa Godfrey for the photos from The Tom Thumb and The Western Front in Brighton

8 thoughts on “The Biscuit Chronicles

  1. Hello Amy – I saw your show at the Tom Thumb on Saturday.
    I thought it provocative and refreshing.
    Aged 50 now, my mother put me on my first diet at the age of four. A lifetime of food issues has followed ever since including a spell of amphetamine taking between the ages of 11 and 14, all legitimate then of course, as prescribed by my GP. It made my school years a bit of a roller coaster and it was no wonder I was always getting into trouble!
    I found a ‘fat women’s group’ at age 24 and my life turned round. In that group we embraced the ‘size acceptance’ movement,I was introduced to books, articles, movies, all challenging the diet industry and exposing the damage done by a poor relation ship with food. Suddenly size was political and I came alive! Since then I have largely (pun!) remained fat. My weight goes up and down and from time to time societal pressures get to me and I go an a diet – it’s really hard not to diet. I am rarely ill, don’t have diabetes or high blood pressure or heart problems and am doing well considering my mother was told that if I continued eating the way I did I would die before I was 21.
    I’m really glad your show is highlighting the issues and should you ever play in Margate again I would be interested in tagging on a workshop to the performance should you wish to form such a partnership.
    Amy, do you have a facebook page? If not, please get one up and I can link you in with other fat activists who will spread the word about your show – always good to make use of free marketing! You can find me on facebook anyway.
    Cheerio for now and thanks again for a great show,
    Sheree Bell

  2. Hi Amy, just wanted to say I thought the show was bloody brilliant and my plus one absolutely loved it(and you). Thanks for reserving us the good seats!
    I’m sending as many people as I can to your Brighton Fringe run.

    You can quote me on your publicity as describing the show as “bloody brilliant” and “an insightful critique of contemporary attitudes to the fat issue which never resorts to lecturing, hectoring or heavy-handedness.” For good measure also throw in “Godfrey is a treat: honest, funny and very likeable.”

    Give the girl a biscuit!

  3. Hi Amy!!! Long time no see! How are you? Roy and I were just talking about you the other day so I set about to find you! Get in touch!!!! Xx Kurta (was Sjostrom, now Kamp)

  4. Hi
    I saw your show in the Cardiff science festival (I did your dress up) and was completely inspired. I wish I could be as confident as you. Your an amazing actress and you ecpertly got your points across. I honestly hope I can adopt your non-dieting ways. Thank you

  5. Hi Rhian – so sorry I haven’t replied before – your comment accidentally got spammed! Thank you – both for your lovely comment and doing my dress up (I’d have been stuck without you!). I’m so glad you enjoyed the show and felt inspired. It’s a long process to try to drown out the negative body stuff and find your way back to appreciating your own body for how marvellous it is – I wasn’t feeling especially confident at the beginning on the day but it’s surprising what taking your clothes off in front of some strangers can do.

    You might like to have a look at the Health At Every Size stuff that’s online for a bit more inspiration. The UK HAES website is a bit dull ( but has some good info, Linda Bacon wrote a great book about it and this is another HAES organisation based in Coventry (

    For general greatness Ragen Chastain is a great blogger based in America and, if you haven’t seen it already, here’s me doing another slightly mad thing on a tube in London –

    Good luck with making friends with your totally splendid self and hopefully see you again at another show…

    Amy x

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