The night of a thousand eggs.

Having only just got the stall off the ground and not achieved full market penetration with the eggs (as it were) and the hens being at full laying throttle we’ve got a slight build up of eggs over the week.














Thusly, I have been looking at different recipes. We’ve already done the fabulous parsnip and parmesan bread and lemon curd so I’ve gone for a curve ball and found a recipe of a different nature…

Recipe for shiny hair!

Yes, eggs for all occasions. If you go to the Royal Wedding you can take an egg mayonnaise sandwich for a snack during the inevitably long and dull service, give them a picture frame decorated with egg shells and do your hair the day before for that royal do shine.

You will need:

One egg yolk (freshly from the rump of your organic chicken)

Olive oil


(It’s also useful to have a willing friend and a plastic bag)

Firstly wash your hair. Then rinse it with the milk (I’ve no idea why but apparently it’s important) and leave it to stew for ten minutes. I put a plastic bag on ma heid and put a towel round my neck to catch the drips.

Rinse the milk out and beat the egg yolk. Add the olive oil and beat it into the egg yolk, a little at a time. Basically, enough to make a sort of mayonnaise – a thick creamy paste. Then transfer the eggy, oily gloop to your bonce. This is where a willing friend helps. Try to spread it all over and rub it in.

Now go put the plastic bag back on your nut and go and watch the news and ignore the feeling of being a mad, condiment-headed hooligan. Or make bread, like it did.

It think the picture is so blurry because

my mum was creasing up at my semi-nude, 

bag-lady chic.








After your half an hour, rinse if off, wash your hair and marvel at how much more eggy shiny your hair is. Especially good for dried out, salty, wind swept hair.


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