Things we like (links)


The bestest theatre sinced sliced bread – inspiring, uplifiting, the occasional tear, music, laughs and cardboard props.

So much good stuff it hurts – and I’m in it…

A brand new, brilliant thing, which includes a new show from me:


All things food and organic

If you like new places, new people, being outdoors and good food try WWOOFing (it sounds like something rude, but it isn’t unless you want it to be..).

Make the most of the Thanet coast before it gets too hip.


Meet your neightbours, dust off your best china and rekindle that community spirit over a bun or two.


Advice, support and loads of really interesting information about eating disorders in all their forms.

Proof that fat looks hot and that if you’re size sixteen or above, you don’t have to wear a tent.

Feminists fighting against the tyranny of dieting and narrow beauty ideals – huzzah!

3 thoughts on “Things we like (links)

  1. Hi Catriona,

    I’ve just seen the email you sent me and thanks for that, but personally I haven’t had any great experience or success with hypnotherapy so I’m not comfortable with recommending it on my website. I hope you understand,

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Amy,
    We met at the Uni of Brum last week where you preformed a fabulously funny routine in front of a room full of acedemics. Im one of the co-founders of Lipoedema Ladies and approached you to asked if you would be able to attend our AGM in Leeds on either 21st/22nd Sept this year.
    I wounder if you can check your diary and see if you would be able to attend and give a indication of your fee. We are a non profit organisation who have been going for a year now our aim is to support ladies with this conditions and bring awareness to our health care providers. You can read more on our webisite
    Look forward to hearing from soon
    Kindest regards
    Jo Bird
    ps tried to contact you via your email but wouldn’t work. 1 + 1 is 2 right? lol

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