Today I have mainly been eating…

Avoided the chocolate coins this time…

Bacon sandwich (again)

One square of Green and Black’s Maya Gold

Digestive biscuit

Lemon risotto (bastardised from the lovely Anna del Conte’s recipe – I added toasted pine nuts) with handful of cherry tomatoes

Chocolate shortbread x 2

Cup of coffee

Cup of tea

Another cup of tea

Homemade veg noodle soup with aubergine, courgette, butternut squash, brown rice noodles, home made chicken stock, miso paste and wrinkly old mushrooms.

Another of Rhona’s chocolate truffles

The massivest slice of home made banoffee pie.

Vodka and orange times two

More pie (secretly)

And here is a picture of my flat spinach souffle…And the egg that came before…


perfect speckly egg from our chickens!

I was reading today a very informative book entitled Slim by Suggestion. Obviously, it’s a diet book although it recommends not telling yourself that you’re on a diet but that you’re starting a ‘healthy lifestyle’ instead (not that we haven’t all tried that one – no, no, I’m not dieting to get thin, merely to feel better in myself and be healthier, oh yes). ┬áIt comes with a fabulous self-hypnosis CD which you have to listen to several times a day (not whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, get out of that tractor) which includes such gems as ‘I will chew my food more slowly’. The idea is that you reprogramme your unconscious brain with positive recollections about you being really excellent at adopting a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and thusly, your habits will change as you change your inner dialogue.

Now, day one, as I secretly read my book and listen to my CD (as the book recommends – don’t tell anyone you’re doing because… I forget why. But it’s not a shame thing. It’s not! What hypnotising yourself to get thin with a CD with a 1980s chillax keyboard demo in the background? No!) it all worked beautifully and I just felt like, hey, there’s a biscuit, but I don’t wanna eat it, I’ll just walk on by. This was a new sensation – the not wanting a biscuit – but by day two, I’d fallen off the bandwagon. Maybe it’s because I didn’t listen to the CD enough. Or maybe it’s because I felt like too much of a pillock, lying flat out on the sofa, listening to a woman telling me to experience the sensation of eye closure in the voice normally reserved for speaking to people who think they’re Elvis, froth at the mouth while pointing a pistol at your brain and looking at you with one eye.

However, it did mention some interesting points about having a part of your personality that is your Pleaser and a part that is your Perfectionist. It’s fairly self explanatory – the Pleaser is the part of you that makes the effort to please others and the Perfectionist wants you to do everything perfectly. I thought ‘Bah, I don’t have a perfectionist bone in my body’ but the book went ‘AHA! You, who thinks you do not have a Perfectionist, that’s the bit of you that stops you from doing anything unless they think it’s going to turn out perfectly’. As someone who has a tendency to dither about which thing is the right thing to do and ends up doing nuttin, I suppose that could be true?

And here is a picture of some nice ice….

Grassy ice...

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