Today I have mostly been eating…

I keep forgetting. Much as it might be interesting, it’s not that interesting. Plus, I think it’s making me go a bit mad and obsessive, not that I’m not already, but I don’t want to exacerbate it too much. Still, just for today…

Home made wholemeal toast (that came out as taost initially, which I liked. Taoist toast – yes please) with butter and raspberry jam.

One chocolate biscuit

A spoonful of oatmeal mixed with vegetable soup that I cooked up for the chickens and then forgot it was for the chickens. It had molasses in too – it tasted odd.

One cup of Lemsip

Pasta with vegetable and halloumi tomato sauce

Cup of tea

Glass of orange juice (not from concentrate – apparently concentrate is made by cloning orange pulp – cant hat be true? I will investigate)

Another chocolate biscuit

The crunchy bits from a victoria sponge that I was too lazy to divide into two tins so put in one and it overflowed into the oven, erupting cakey goodness into the grill pan. I crouched by the oven door ready to have a little weep in my muzzy, snotty state but consoled my self with the crispy bits. They were good. I had to coax the rest of the cake out of the tin with a butter knife.

Mushroom risotto with dried porcini and, randomly, sherry.

I am supposed to be going to yoga today but I’m not sure I’ll get through it without a toilet roll sellotaped to my face. It’s still snowy outside but the chickens are doing admirably.

Snow eggs

Here you can see their unequal laying capabilities – maybe the one on the left ate all the oatmeal.

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