Yesterday I was mainly eating…

But first the day before – perhaps this is better – just keep track and forget posting every day – never going to happen. A learning experience, oh yes.

A spoonful of banoffee pie.

Another spoonful of banoffee pie (I don’t know why we’re so biased against cream and caramel first thing in the morning – I find it an excellent choice for breakfast stuff)

Risotto cakes made from left over risotto (mmm – and book about the slave trade in the background – tasty)

Tasty risotto cakes


Probably some biscuits but I forget

One vodka and orange

Dinner at Neil’s mum’s – one slice black pudding, one slice white pudding, half a lorne sausage, one normal sausage, chips, many cherry tomatoes (in vain attempt to undo all lorry driver feeling – whereas banoffee pie for breakfast seems ok, especially if homemade, somehow my brain cannot compute many meat-based things accompanied only by chips without feeling like I have turned into a man called Barry who has a lorry called Wanda and eats 2 hamburgers for breakfast- Neil’s mum provides vegetables just for me)

I suspect more banoffee pie but didn’t write it in ma book

And the next day….

Two slices of wholemeal toast with butter and marmite/honey

TOAST (note frost bitten nose)

A giant Chinese eat more than you should sensibly eat in a day buffet – mostly spicy mushrooms because I love them, but also vegetablenoodlesprawntoastspringrollsandterribleguilty



Chai and shortbread (many – 6?) while watching the Matrix (on VHS!) so possibly burned off fat with quasi-Christian shoot em up adrenaline? I even watched the informative ‘how we made the spinny round, slow bullet, trippy bit’ that was an ‘extra’ (on VHS!) plus an advert for DVDs – what they are and just how unimaginably great they’ll be!

Salad consisting of courgette, yellow pepper, tomato, toasted pine nuts and thinly sliced leeks with olive oil, lemon and balsamic vinegar

Two wholemeal crackers

Half a cream cracker – I lost the other half in the sofa.

Pickled baby beetroot and a small piece of cheese (am I pregnant?)

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